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Another Whodunit

The Hunting Party

Lucey Foley

I couldn’t resist reading another Lucy Foley book. Some of you may recall that I read her newest mystery and suspense thriller, The Guest List, this summer. Foley’s books are very similar to a really good Agatha Christie novel and always have a great twist in the end. Just when you think you’ve solved the mystery, something changes. I was in the mood for another one so I picked up The Hunting Party at my local library. I don’t think this one will disappoint. The Hunting Party was written in 2019 and there are some similarities between the books. Both take place in a breathtakingly beautiful spot in the United Kingdom and both settings are very remote and far away from any sort of civilization or police station. I can promise you I would never go to either of these places.

The Hunting Party is about a group of Londoners who attended Oxford together and are gathering together to celebrate New Year’s. This group has spent every New Year’s together since they left Oxford and while they are old and dear friends, there are some cracks starting to form in the friendships.

This year’s trip has been planned by Emma, a newcomer to the group. Emma is Mark’s girlfriend and hasn’t been part of the Oxford crowd for that long. Because of this, she feels that she needs to prove herself to them and has put all of her effort into the planning. For the vacation, she has chosen the Scottish Highlands, a perfect getaway so remote that after a long train ride, they must drive another hour to get there.

They arrive just before New Year’s on December 30th and by January 1st one of them is dead. Since the location is so remote, it is clear that one of the guests or staff had to have committed the murder. Your job is to figure out who.

As with The Guest List, the author introduces you to each of the guests. Not every guest is a narrator, so you learn about the others from those that are narrating. And don’t forget about the three staff members from the resort. They have their own dark secrets and skeletons.

The narrators are: Miranda, the attractive friend who seems to have it all, Katie, the successful friend who is plain and matronly, Emma, the newcomer to the group who planned the trip with the highest of expectations, Doug, the groundskeeper who fought in the marines and has a whole host of secrets, and Heather, the event planner from the resort who has come to work in the Scottish Highlands to escape her old life and everything she once knew.

This novel is the perfect read for a beautiful autumn day. Curl up in your chair by the fire and enjoy it.

The Hunting Party

By: Lucy Foley

Publication Date: January 24, 2019

Harper Collins


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